Financial expertise to help your business

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Financial expertise to help your business

Looking for help? Get in touch

Is your business about to be sold and you need help to get you through due diligence?  Or is it applying for funding and you need help with forecasting?  Or perhaps your accountancy firm needs an extra pair of hands to help with a project?  You’ll find that Camrose Consulting can provide the support you need:

If you need someone to:

  • Carry out due diligence before you buy a business or support you through the process prior to a sale

  • Support your business planning and preparation for lenders’ questions

  • Take an objective view of the numbers

  • Provide both attention to detail and high-level input on your financial challenges

  • Help your client with a project which your accountancy firm doesn’t have the capacity or specialist skills to deliver.

If you need an expert pair of eyes to help to achieve your commercial objectives, call David Lewis at Camrose Consulting for a dedicated personal service for your business. Take a look at how we can help:

Buying or selling
a business

The story behind the numbers

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When you need investment or funding…

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Need another perspective?

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Solving financial

When the numbers don’t add up

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Financial project

Small changes, big impact

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A useful business tool

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For a bespoke financial solution

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A safe pair of hands

If you need financial expertise paired with an ability to develop smart solutions to financial challenges, David Lewis is ready to help.

His expertise goes beyond the usual accounting services and focuses on the commercial future of your business. He can delve into the figures to uncover underlying issues that need to be addressed or help to prepare plans to present for funding.

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