A useful business tool

Internal Audit

A useful business tool

Internal Audit

Taking a step back to examine the processes and health of your business can be time-consuming, especially if your staff are fully occupied with their ‘day job’.  However, it’s worth doing as it can be an opportunity to uncover potential risks, examine how risks are being managed, discover opportunities that aren’t being leveraged and see if the business is operating as it should. 

Internal audit can sound scary to some people, but it’s not like an external audit.

For a smaller business the cost of an internal auditor is not a good investment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry this useful task out. That’s where outsourcing, either to explore a specific area or to carry out a wider review, can make a real difference.

An internal audit should be a catalyst for improvement, including:

  • Developing recommendations to help you reduce risk or take advantage of opportunities

  • Suggesting changes so that you have smarter business information to support your decision making and monitoring. 

  • Exploring the overall effectiveness of processes and systems.  This goes beyond just checking transactions to consider if the processes are understood and embraced.

  • Helping you improve your business’s resilience.

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What people say

“David has been providing a great deal of support to a Charity with which I am involved.  He attends meetings to feedback on his quasi-internal audit work. His reports that summarise his work, discussions, findings and recommendations are always first class. He consistently evidences a constructive and commercial approach and shows that he has an appreciation of both financial and non-financial matters.  He has developed a keen empathy for the business, gets to the root of issues he investigates and retains that independent approach we require from ‘internal’ audit.  If challenged he always has compelling evidence to support his conclusions.”

ML – Audit Committee Member (Charity in care sector)

“David has provided financial internal audit services to a Charity I am a trustee of for many years. He has always been extremely thorough and diligent, and brought a thoughtful approach to the charity and its service users. He successfully balanced showing empathy for the charity, its staff and service users, with the independent perspective required of an auditor.”

DS – Charity Trustee and Audit Committee Chair