Another perspectiveLike many other business owners I love what I do and my clients’ needs are my main focus. This means some other things don’t always get the right attention; in my case the website has been on the ‘to do’ list for far too long.

Well I’ve finally taken the plunge and I’m delighted to be releasing this blog through Camrose’s brand-new website.

Getting a fresh perspective

I first sought help from a copywriter and a website designer simply as a way of getting the right skills for the job. However, it has also helped me see my business with fresh eyes and given the impetus to get things done. Apart from that, it also has been really enjoyable!!

I’m really chuffed with the site and I hope you agree that it far better explains how Camrose helps businesses and also other professionals. I think it really does give a fresh perspective!  I’d like to thank both Lesley Morrissey and Jenny Wilson for all their help – you’ve been great to work with!

Whether you are a professional advisor or a director of a company, you may come across situations where a fresh perspective or extra oomph is needed on the finance front. Why not have a look at the website to see how Camrose Consulting can help?  Or alternatively feel free to get in touch.