deals and distractionsI’m reluctant to mention the B word, but the news that there may be a Government slow down following the latest Brexit impasse really struck a chord. Whatever actually happens, Brexit has already been a massive distraction from the day to day.

Distractions also occur during business deals, for example when selling a company. Both negotiations and the demands of due diligence divert attention and resources away from everyday business. Lots of information needs to be provided, questions answered and sticking points addressed…

… in the meantime it’s really important to keep the business on track. After all the purchaser is buying the business’s potential!

…  so it’s advisable to think about whether there is the bandwidth and skills available to handle the due diligence. If not bringing in an experienced outside resource can speed up the deal and help get it over the line.

Getting external support

Experienced outside support through financial due diligence can provide:

  • an extra pair of hands to pull information together and present it professionally
  • an external perspective to pre-empt how things appear to the buyer’s accountants. This allows problem areas to be considered or addressed in advance of them becoming problems for the buyer
  • skills that may not otherwise be available (for example, to prepare forecasts or to calculate surplus cash)
  • arguably a degree of comfort to the buyer; because the numbers have had already an external input/oversight

This is a service I really enjoy providing; while it isn’t cheap the cost is likely to be small in the context of the deal. If you’d like to find out more then do get in touch.