A safe pair of hands


A safe pair of hands


If you need financial expertise paired with an ability to develop smart solutions to financial challenges,  David Lewis is ready to help.

When you need an alternative perspective to help you to explore the numbers or processes to move your business forwards, you can count on David.   He can help your business develop by giving you support and advice to meet key challenges and improve your business’s resilience.

David’s background includes traditional accountancy practice and also extensive investigative and analytical skills.  His business focus gives him the ability to provide an objective look at your business’s financial challenges.

With a completely bespoke approach each client gets the expertise that is needed, with no requirement for a long-term commitment.

The Camrose services do NOT include the usual accounting services (tax, end of year accounts, etc.), but, as a specialist, David will work with your internal accounting staff or external accountants to give you the results you need.

Got a knotty financial challenge?  Call 07836 331677 for a personal response – or email now for more information.