Risk indicators for smaller businesses

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterWhen things go pear shaped in business people look back and often see that there were warning signs.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Especially in a smaller business. Smaller businesses v larger ones Small and medium sized businesses are very different to larger ones – here are a few examples: Bosses are likely to be more involved in […]

Fraud should be seen as a business opportunity!!

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitter ‘It’s not going to happen to us’ From time to time a major fraud scandal hits the headlines, the latest one being Toshiba. Frauds in smaller businesses are less likely to receive public attention but they still happen. Common characteristics are a high degree of trust in staff and more informality than in a large […]

Management accounts: are beans part of your recipe for success?

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterThe eyes of many directors can glaze over at the thought of looking at a set of accounts. I can sympathise – going through lots of badly laid out and sometimes unimportant information is not appealing!  As a numbers person I can handle it, but for non accountants? …..well yes, I can see it IS boring!! Accountants […]