Due diligence

David provides due diligence support to clients when they are buying or selling a business:

Selling a business 

Selling a company is challenging.  Buyers will require lots of information and ask searching questions.  While you deal with the buyer’s requests, you will also have to keep the business on track!

As a link between your staff, your accountants and the buyer’s accountants, David ensures that queries are dealt with professionally and with an eye for likely follow up questions. If needed, he can be an extra accounting resource (eg: to prepare forecasts). In short he is there there to help you get the deal over the line.

Selling a business can be a bit of a balancing act – this article gives some further insight!

Buying a business 

Due diligence helps you gain a greater insight into the business and identify weaknesses and opportunities by “getting under the skin” of past accounts and forecasts.  The work is tailored to your requirements;  it can:

  • identify areas of concern, sometimes leading to a price adjustment
  • help you better understand future cash requirements
  • flag up potential post acquisition issues