Internal audit

Robust businesses take calculated risks, minimising the chances of nasty surprises.  However it can be a challenge making sure that what’s happening at the ‘coal face’ is effectively supporting the business.  This is where internal audit can help!

Benefits of internal audit

Staff usually find it difficult to take time out and stand back to look at the way they do things, not least because of day to day pressures.  Having someone looking in from the outside helps them do this.  It also provides a fresh perspective with some constructive challenge.

David likes the audit to be a positive experience, with helpful forward looking recommendations and insights.  Internal audit can result in better staff ‘buy in’ and accountability as well as improved processes and information – all of which should enhance performance.

Further information

David’s approach is much more than checking transactions. To find out more have a look at his article 10 internal audit qualities for smaller businesses.

When most people think of audit it’s external audit which is about the end of year accounts,  internal audit has management perspective.  In this article David sets out 8 differences between internal and external audit.


Small and medium sized businesses can’t justify having an in-house internal audit function – outsourcing provides a cost effective flexible solution.  One off assignments can be carried out if you feel that an ongoing service is not right for your business.