Management information and control

Do you have information that helps you look ahead and make informed decisions?

Is there too much leakage as a result of weak business practices ? (Or perhaps you are unsure?)

Does your accounting give you insight or does it simply crunch numbers?

Do you feel in control?

Improving control and commercial focus

David looks beyond the numbers, as effective information and systems need to be user friendly. Past projects include:

  • Helping a training business develop a way of assessing the costs of its services so that it could make pricing decisions.
  • Developing an effective cash flow monitoring system for an international group and helping it improve cash collection from customers.  
  • Design of user friendly management accounts.
  • Helping a small pub chain streamline its accounting as well as developing reports that provide helpful information instead of an overwhelming mass of numbers.

Having someone looking in objectively from the outside can be a great catalyst for change.

Mentoring support

Where appropriate, David also provides mentoring support to company accountants, helping them take things to the next level.