Greece – Wheres the accountability?

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterOver the past few weeks I’ve heard mutterings about Greece fiddling its figures in order to gain entry to the Euro and the sentiments in this blog crossed my mind at the time. However suggestions of fraud (or similar) should not be taken lightly and I decided to keep my thoughts to myself. Mutterings are […]

Put your head in the Cloud – but keep your feet on the ground!

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterA lot of the work I do is around the information that comes out of a computer or the processes before data is entered. What happens in between is to me, quite frankly, a bit of a dark art. I recently attended a seminar Cloud Accounting for the 21st Century Debunking The Myths hosted by […]

News of the World – an unanswered question

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterMy initial reaction to the recent News of the World revelations was that the people at the top must take responsibility.  I took the view that senior management are ultimately responsible for the organisation’s culture and when there is a serious breach of ethics they should resign. As mentioned in my last blog I have […]

Is audit an emotive term?

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterFor many people their experience of audits is of external audit, which to a large extent is a forced purchase required by law. For the uninitiated an external audit is carried out by an independent firm of accountants and its main focus is forming a view on whether the annual accounts give a true and […]

Sustainability isn’t just for eco geeks

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterI am not one to jump on bandwagons.  Buzz words do nothing for me. However I do also look to improve the way things can be done. I recently attended an excellent event hosted by Knowledge Peers “Sustainability: Win in Business”, the speakers included small business owners who have applied sustainability in their business, consultants […]

Fraud could your business win the lottery?

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterWhilst we are technically past recession and (depending what commentator you listen to) things are looking up, in reality things are still tough for many businesses and there could well be a few bumps and scrapes on the way to recovery. Many businesses’ main concerns are about generating business, managing costs and the bank balance.  […]

Lord Sugar’s new year message “Success it’s down to you all the way” – yes but don’t take it to extremes.

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterLord Sugar’s new year message Success? It’s down to you all the way was published in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph. Whilst he gave some excellent down to earth advice about the banks: “”They are not a charity and they do not have to lend money to any Tom, Dick and Harry” and “Forget them unless you […]

Football and business: You need a balanced team to survive and thrive!

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterI recently participated in a discussion on LinkedIn entitled Entrepreneur Success is down to people, people, people do you agree? When I joined the discussion, a sales person was lauding the importance of sales in a business and someone with a marketing background was talking about the benefits of marketing. I mentioned how value that […]

Small business finance. A response from Minister for Business and Enterprise, Mark Prisk

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterMinister for Business and Enterprise Mark Prisk posted the following question on LinkedIn:  “The Government has announced plans to help small and medium sized businesses access finance, secure new contracts and help drive growth. What are the barriers holding back your business that Government could help remove?” At the time of writing there has been […]