What’s happening below your business radar?

Below the radar of other businesses Yearly private sector losses through fraud are estimated at £140bn in a recent survey*.  Many fraud prevention measures also reduce losses through innocent error or sloppiness; the total cost of not ‘minding the back office’ must be mind boggling. With the potential to reduce leakage in its various forms, […]

Getting spreadsheets to add value as well as numbers

Spreadsheets can be used in almost any part of a business. While accountants feature highly among users, Excel’s ease of use at a basic level means that most people can create a spreadsheet.  Having said that Excel is very powerful and a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. A contact of mine Steve Randall recently […]

Ethics by Design – smaller business reflections

  I recently attended a thought provoking conference, Ethics by Design, on the topic of fostering ethical culture in organisations. Ethics pays The morning session was led by Jonathan Haidt, a Professor at NYU Stern School of Business.  One takeaway for me was something that I had only partly rationalised – that is that ‘Ethics […]

Management accounts – do yours ‘speak to you’?

My work includes supporting SMEs through due diligence to eventual sale.   Buyers want to gain an understanding of business drivers and expectations of future performance.  A Sale leads to a heightened focus on the numbers and the quality of the management accounts can create a good or bad impression. While great management accounts can help a business sale, they are good sense for any business. […]

Selling a business? Ready for a balancing act?

Selling a business is not an everyday event.  In fact it is not uncommon for it to be a once in a life time experience. Like selling a house? One way of describing a business sale is it’s a bit like selling a house – but on steroids.   Like a house sale, the buyer will […]