Lord Sugar’s new year message “Success it’s down to you all the way” – yes but don’t take it to extremes.

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterLord Sugar’s new year message Success? It’s down to you all the way was published in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph. Whilst he gave some excellent down to earth advice about the banks: “”They are not a charity and they do not have to lend money to any Tom, Dick and Harry” and “Forget them unless you […]

Football and Business: Promotion brings challenges – how can small teams cope?

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterIn my last blog I talked about how both football and business teams need a balance to perform well and spoke about how a team of strikers (eg: sales people) or a team of defenders (eg: finance people) would not perform well and in a worst case scenario could end up be being relegated (or […]

Football and business: You need a balanced team to survive and thrive!

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterI recently participated in a discussion on LinkedIn entitled Entrepreneur Success is down to people, people, people do you agree? When I joined the discussion, a sales person was lauding the importance of sales in a business and someone with a marketing background was talking about the benefits of marketing. I mentioned how value that […]

Small business finance. A response from Minister for Business and Enterprise, Mark Prisk

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterMinister for Business and Enterprise Mark Prisk posted the following question on LinkedIn:  “The Government has announced plans to help small and medium sized businesses access finance, secure new contracts and help drive growth. What are the barriers holding back your business that Government could help remove?” At the time of writing there has been […]

Management accounts: are beans part of your recipe for success?

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterThe eyes of many directors can glaze over at the thought of looking at a set of accounts. I can sympathise – going through lots of badly laid out and sometimes unimportant information is not appealing!  As a numbers person I can handle it, but for non accountants? …..well yes, I can see it IS boring!! Accountants […]

Accounts: boring bureaucracy or an essential business tool?

LinkedinGoogle+FacebookTwitterI have spoken to a number of owners of small businesses whose eyes glaze over at the thought of looking at a set of accounts. Conversely (perhaps sadly) the eyes of accountants often light up at the sight of a set of accounts. Well accounts may be boring but ignore them at your peril! Accounts […]