Choosing an accountant? Would you put Wayne Rooney in goal for England?

11211834_sAs most people first hire an accountant in order to prepare accounts and deal with tax, I guess it is small wonder that I sometimes get the comment “you’re an accountant you must know about tax”.   However  –  I’m an accountant who doesn’t prepare accounts (at least routinely) or who gives tax advice.

I recently came across an article that suggested that SME finance directors wanted more challenge from their accountancy firms.   Well if you hire a firm to deal with the year end accounts and tax, that’s what you’ll probably get!   Real challenge and added value are more likely to come from focused projects – as opposed to year end accounts/audit work.

Challenge also depends on the skills of the accountant.  In football parlance if most people wouldn’t put Wayne Rooney in goal for England, should they really expect all accountants to be able to provide commercially orientated challenge for their business?

In case you are wondering what I actually do (instead of what I don’t do!)….I carry out finance related assignments that require some or all of the following:

  • an understanding of processes & controls (& people issues around training & implementation)
  • an appreciation of the impact of non finance related functions & strategy on the business
  • analytical skills
  • investigative skills
  • persistence
  • cash management skills
  • accounting knowledge

Accountants really are not the same; in fact much of my business comes through accountants (either in industry or practice) who realise that I have complementary skills to them and where the accountancy firm is retained…

…so if you’d like to find out how I might be able to help your business please contact me, David Lewis, on 07836 331677 or e-mail  Further information about my services can be found here.


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